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  • RTIA Objectives

    The objectives of the agency are, despite the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977):

    (a) to administer a procedure to discourage the contravention of road traffic laws and to support the adjudication of infringements;
    (b) to enforce penalties imposed against persons contravening road traffic laws;
    (c) to provide specialised prosecution support services; and
    (d) to undertake community education and community awareness programmes in order to ensure that individuals understand their rights and options.

    The agency performs its functions in terms of subsection (1)(a) of the AARTO Act by:

    (a) receiving notices from any issuing authority if an infringer has failed to comply with an infringement notice;
    (b) considering representations from an infringer with regard to an infringement notice relating to a minor infringement;
    (c) issuing a courtesy letter to an infringer who has failed to comply with an infringement notice;
    (d) issuing an enforcement order against an infringer who has failed to comply with the requirements of a notification or a courtesy letter, or who has failed to appear in court;
    (e)issuing a warrant against an infringer who has failed to comply with an enforcement order;
    (f)revoking an enforcement order; and
    (g) updating the national contraventions register in the prescribed manner.



    Latest News

    Rehabilitating M2 motorway has gone over budget

    JOHANNESBURG - Rehabilitating the M2 motorway in Johannesburg has gone over budget, according to the Johannesburg Roads Agency. The stretch of road between the Crown Interchange and Maritzburg Street has been closed since February in order to repair an unstable bridge.

    Tshwane taxi driver to be laid to rest

    JOHANNESBURG -Tshwane taxi driver Jabu Baloyi will be laid to rest on Sunday in Soshanguve. Baloyi was shot on Tuesday. He and fellow taxi drivers were allegedly trying to chase drug lords from the Pretoria's CBD.

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