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    Curbing distracted driving will save many lives

    According to Road Traffic Management (2018), approximately 1 million road accidents are reported every year. A lot of these accidents are caused by drunk driving, texting and driving, and speeding. It follows that road safety should be a major concern for the country and should, in fact, be one of our top priorities. All road users in South Africa deserve extreme safety measures to ensure that their safety does not continue to be at stake.

    As Easter holidays draw nearer, many South Africans will be travelling on the road to their respective holiday destinations. This is one of the peak accident seasons as there are more drivers on the road at any given time, generally driving long distances to family homes, church gatherings, and other holiday destinations.

    This Easter, the Road Accident Fund appeal to road users to #AlwaysRemember to be conscious of all other road users, and to be mindful of the fact that you are not the only one travelling to see loved ones. In the unfortunate event of being involved in a car crash, we urge people to claim directly with the RAF as this is a simple three-step process that anyone can do, without any third party intervention. Claimants simply fill in the required claim forms, attach supporting documents and submit at their nearest RAF centre. Direct claims ensure that road users who are involved in road crashes get their full pay-outs, and all the necessary support needed in dealing with post-crash trauma.

    For many road users, the youth, in particular, distracted driving has become very common, with many young people posting social media content while driving. This has unfortunately resulted in the deaths of many drivers and innocent lives on the road. Studies have shown that people who use their phones while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash or road accident and over 430,000 car accident injuries are caused each year by drivers who are distracted by their mobile phones.

    So with the Easter holidays upon us, it will be important for all stakeholders in the road safety space to come together in order to curb the scourge of road deaths in South Africa. Members of the public who would like more information regarding the claims process and what they are eligible to claim for are asked to kindly contact the RAF’s Call Centre on 0860 23 55 23 from Monday to Friday from 07:45 – 16:00. A detailed list of all the RAF’s offices countrywide is available on www.raf.co.za.

    For ongoing information, follow the RAF on social media: Twitter, @RAF_SA; Facebook, Road Accident Fund; and Instagram, RAF_ROAD.

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