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    The Annual Report in the public sector provides information of performance against plans and budgets. The reporting year in the public sector starts from the first of April of each year to the last day of March in the following year. The RTIA’s first RTIA annual report was published in 2010/11.

    To download RTIA annual reports please click on the appropriate PDF file below. Please note that the files may take a few minutes to download because of the size of the document. If you are having trouble downloading any of the reports please contact the RTIA by writing to info@rtia.co.za or call 087 285 0500.

    PDF File Annual Performance Plan 2021-2022PDF File Annual Report 2018-19PDF File Annual Report 2019-20
    PDF File Annual Report 2017-18PDF File Annual Report 2013-14PDF File Annual Report 2014-15 Part 3
    PDF File Annual Report 2014-15 Part 1PDF File Annual Report 2014-15 Part 2PDF File Annual Report 2015-16
    PDF File Annual Report 2016-17
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