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    How to be safe around badly maintained trucks

    Johannesburg - According to the managing director of MasterDrive SA, Eugene Herbert, there are numerous things you can do to reduce the risk you face when sharing the road with trucks in need of maintenance. “The key, is to be aware. Look at the trucks around you and the condition in which they appear to be. Every time you spot a truck that appears to be a bit derelict, drive with even more caution than you normally would," he says. “Do not linger around trucks. If moving away from them requires you to overtake, ensure you have plenty of space and time to do this. Never take a risk when overtaking a truck that appears to be neglected. Avoid overtaking the truck on a downhill as this is where their brakes are most likely to fail. Follow these tips, as well as your instincts, to reduce your risk on the road. Rather arrive 30 minutes late than not at all,” says Herbert. It is important for car drivers to also be aware that the challenges truck drivers face are very different to theirs. “The weight and size of a truck as well as the different loads means they need more time to get going, stop or slow down. Share the road safely and courteously with truck drivers,” he adds.

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