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    Programme Overview

    The RTIA Enterprise Development Programme (ED) is an initiative of RTIA which is geared at leveraging external resources in the form of youth owned enterprises to take its programmes to scale in the market place whilst at the same creating jobs and enterprises in line with its commitment to the National Development plan.

    The National Development Plan (NDP), a government blueprint for eliminating poverty and reducing inequality, has ambitious goals for the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector in South Africa including a target of 90% of employment opportunities to be created by this sector by 2030. The Enterprise Development Unit will play a significant role in meeting the goals and aims of the National Development Plan. It is critical that RTIA get the enabling framework for entrepreneurship right to allow untapped entrepreneurial potential to emerge. It is important that the Government support SMEs because in general it was such businesses that created much-needed jobs and fuelled economic growth and development.



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