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    1. How long is the RTIA programme?
    The programme is for 3 years

    2. Do I have to attend the entire training programme?
    Members are required to attend the compulsory core training programmes: Entrepreneurship, Finance and Administration, Customer Care, Brand Management, Conflict Management and Resolution, Labour Relations Management, Strategy, Business Plan Development, SARS, Companies Act, National Consumer Protection Act and mentee workshops.

    3. Am I required to be physically present at the incubator for a certain amount of time each month?
    No, we do not offer residential incubation.

    4. Can Road Traffic Infringement Agency provide me with financing for my business?
    Not directly, but it can be done through our financing partners such as NEF, SEDA, DTI, Anglo Zimele, IDC, SEFA etc.

    5. If my business has more than one owner, do they all need to attend the training workshops?
    No, but all members are encouraged to participate in the training workshops as members of the business may change in future.



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